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Installed FieldGoal00 DRL harness

Got my harness in the mail way before I got the car... just got some time last week to do the install.

This version keeps my halos on all the time while in auto. For the DRL's there is a line that I ran to the dash and put a button next to the light switch so I can turn them on or off at anytime day or night. Fogs work the same w/ the push button in the center of the light dial.

So basically I can run any combination of all the lights at any time of day/night with the exception of the halos being on all the time no matter what.

Here are some before and after pics...

Before - in Auto mode simulating at night
Name:  Capture.JPG
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Before - switch on turn to the right. Parking lights and tail lights are also on.

Name:  Capture3.JPG
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Name:  Capture4.JPG
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Name:  Capture5.JPG
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Name:  Capture6.JPG
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Name:  Capture7.JPG
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After - Auto mode Simulating Night - fog switch off
Name:  Capture8.JPG
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After - Auto mode Simulating Night - fog switch on
Name:  Capture9.JPG
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After - Auto mode Daytime - fog switch on
Name:  Capture91.JPG
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I know I do need to get the lights matched up... Fog bulbs coming soon and the P13 plasma DRLs I have don't quite match up either... but most of the time I'll be running like the last picture except fogs off. The default is pretty much halos only which is what I was after.
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