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Originally Posted by fcu678 View Post
Hey Mike,
I just wanted to drop in to tell you I was #2 on my dealers ZL1 list and they got their 2nd allocation so I ordered one just like #23 except with the auto. They were supposed to get 2 - 2012 modles but this one gonna be a 2013 which I wasn't too thrilled about. I originally passed on it since it's gonna be a 2013 and the 3rd guy backed out and they didn't have anyone else so they called me back and had me come in and order it like I wanted and it's mine to refuse. Still up in the air about it and have 8 -10 weeks to decide. Decisions, decisions.... LOL
If I was sure I could have gotten one by C5 Fest I would have ordered exactly what you are. Hate to say it, but I do prefer the auto even though this is a big upgrade over the SS.

I'll trade you once you get it...
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