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Originally Posted by DkKnight_X View Post
Going "overboard" was the wrong choice of wording. Now you say they brought the car in from the "Railyard." Now are these railyards affliliates of GM or just railyards that transport every and anything? If they are car specific,, do all of them have the capability of hosing down cars as they are loaded or unloaded? Appreciate all the answers. My dealer said I'm at 6000, but he thinks the car is stuck in a railyard somewhere. Hope it is alright.
They are freight trains that may have one or two railcars on them that have actual cars... but cars are not typically the only things the train is carrying. The rail yards, that I have seen anyway, are automobile specific but these are train yards that have trains driving through/stopping and being unloaded. These are rail yards being worked by rail yard workers. Graphite and brake dust abounds and I doubt seriously you'll ever see a step inserted here where cars are cleaned.

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