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There is no question that the vert owners are being cheated and at this point I have not been successful trying to find out from Chevy as to why. At first I was told it was for safety. However, I pointed out that as I understand it the 5 levels of control actually make the car MORE manageable - not LESS (I can't be sure because I have not actually used one yet) - currently with the Competitive Driving Mode - I seem to have all out or something else which has still not been defined either. Perhaps a seperate thread should be set up just to address this issue and if enough owners start to complain loud enough, we will get the total product which we expected and should have. Chevy may actually have a legal issue here. My owners manual says that I have it and even a rep at Chevy customer support said the car has it and the service manager at the dealership would show me how to use it ! ! !
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