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Originally Posted by Fraxum View Post
Still the real HiPo bargain in the Camaro lineup is the 1LE.

My Guess:

Car is a good deal but seriously?

Originally Posted by BaylorCamaro View Post
I don't think that the 1LE made up ~33 seconds on the SS. Sure the suspension is a lot better, but power is the same. A 7:46.69 would put it only 5.42 seconds behind a ZL1. It might do well until the long straight near the end, but the ZL1's sheer power would put some serious distance on the 1LE, IMO.
I would totally agree.

Quote from a recent review that was of all the Gen 5 V8 cars run at one track with a few Mustangs too.

"Around the 2.9 mile test loop, Chevy compared the Z/28 to some interesting benchmarks – its siblings, the 1LE and ZL1, and its arch enemies, the Mustang GT500 and Boss 302 Laguna Seca. Interestingly, the car with the most power, the GT500, also posted the slowest lap time, clocking a 1:59.97. The Laguna Seca did a bit better, running a 1:59.05, followed by the 1LE at 1:58.85. Despite the intensely technical nature of the test track, the ZL1 was still able to use its superior horsepower compared to the 1LE to run a faster 1:56.58, but it was the Z/28 that delivered the best time at a mere 1:53.71."

On a technical track the ZL1 is 2.27 seconds faster than a 1LE. (Which is about the same as the 2.87 seconds between the ZL1 and Z28.) On a long course like The Ring which has a ton of high speed zones it will not even be close. The ZL1 with an extra 154hp, better brakes, better cooling and no speed limiter the 1LE not even in the same league. Sorry.

It would be like a ZL1 guy arguing that his car can beat a Z28. If both cars are factory stock not see much of a chance of a ZL1 beating the Z28 at The Ring. With better tires a ZL1 could do better. Do all the lighting steps on a ZL1 that was done on a Z28 and again it could be a ton closer..... but then it would be a modded car. Modded does not count when comparing stock cars. Stock Gen5 Camaro on a road course the Z28 > ZL1 > 1LE > SS.

EDIT My guess is the 1LE would be a solid low 8 minute car at The Ring. Best run I would say the car might dip below 8 minutes but just barely.
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