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Originally Posted by mkorgan View Post
Yep, go to page 12. It is hilarious. BaylorCamaro and Norm are putting up valiant resistance but ThePill is just losing his mind. If the Z/28 actually finds a sanctioning body that will allow it to run we might need to send someone to take all the sharp object out of ThePill's house. :-)
Yeah it's getting pretty ridiculous over there. He is hell bent on the Z/28 not being able to race ANYWHERE. Even if that were the case, look at the target market of who is (probably) going to be buying the Z/28. Most people won't even think about taking it to a track..

Originally Posted by NVmyZL1 View Post
So let me get this right. A respected member, or members, of Camaro5 are over on a Mustang site with the sole purpose of defending the Camaro? Isn't that the kind of thing that so many on this site complain about the Mustang guys doing over here? Seems very hypocritical to me.

As for thePil, I don't know who he is or why people on this site have issues with him but it seems a little immature to go out of your way to read his posts, let alone banter with him, on a site dedicated to the Mustang. Can't you guys see you are just feeding his ego?
IF you were to go over to that thread and read the posts you will see that I and others are not making outragious claims. Hell I'm not even that big of a fan of the Z/28 and that is clearly conveyed on my posts. I'm just trying to bring that thread back to reality. You cannot simplay say that "the Z/28 is a huge failure and cannot be raced anywhere"

I am over there not to banter with him, but it is refreshing reading non-jaded GM fanboy posts once and a while

thePill brings up fair points which I enjoy reading. HOWEVER his credibility is shot when he spews a bunch BS generalizations. (My opinion)

Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
Norm and Baylor Camaro are not punks acting like idiots on the Mustang site. They are a counter balance and correct misunderstandings.

Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
Enthusiast forums are like a local bar. There is nothing wrong with spirited discussion. We welcome members from other brands here on C5. The caveat is, they are expected to comport themselves as guests in our house. When the big power GT500 was released I was quoted on another forum, I think it was SVT, a number of times and raked over the coals. I registered for the forum to clarify a number of mis-conceptions, but only after asking the moderators if I could post as a guest even though I am a vendor. The moderators did a great job. They actually supported me.

Forum give and take executed with respect is a win win
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