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Originally Posted by Pearlj10 View Post
I’d like to share my feedback about this vendor. I ordered a couple of bow ties that were painted to match my car. Webpage said “expect a 6-week turnaround” due to custom paint. I emailed at 5 weeks to see how it was coming along and was told “you were told 6 weeks, we have no update for you.” A couple of days after the 6 week mark I inquired again and received “sorry, it’ll be at least two more weeks.” I responded with my displeasure in paying for a product upfront and having to wait over 2 months to receive it. Yes, it’s an incredibly complex order: two bow ties painted imperial Blue Metallic. The amount of paint involved in mind boggling, I wonder how they procure that much? Anyhow, 8 weeks pass and, again, no proactive communication. I reached out again and kindly asked for an update. At this point, who knows. Maybe they’ll put a bow on the bow ties and send them for Christmas. My .02 is I wouldn’t let this company mow my lawn after this order. They may build fine products, and someday I may know if they do or not, but the poor customer service isn’t worth any product. I’ll never use them again. I’m sure they’ll treat their customers better when the next recession hits though.
Could I have your order number? This seems very unusual for bowties. I'd like to look into your order personally and see why the delay. We have 7 full time painters and this years we have busy busier than every before, but 8 weeks is unusual for bowties from what I can see. We have 3 full time customer service reps that answer phones all day as well, we are at full capacity and doing our best, but I would like to help you and your order.
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