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It really is dizzying to comprehend what is going on with these aftermarket companies that are trying to hitch their star to GM and make entire converted cars available through Chevy dealers. This leads to a PERCEPTION that this is a GM Official Product or in partnership with GM. I think nothing could be further from the truth, hence the need for these outfits to offer a separate warranty on the conversion

It would be interesting to hear from dealers who are participating in these programs their take on it. To me this whole deal is misleading and in not in keeping with the way a dealer such as Yenko did it. For the most part, at least in the 1969 model year, Camaros came from the factory with the hotrod engine and special handling package. Yenko just added the other bits such as tach and emblems. To me that is why Yenkos and other factory ordered COPOS are have such value from yesteryear.

I am personally tired of all these Supercharger Shops trying to lend GM legitimacy to their cars because they can be ordered through a Chevy dealer.
What say you??
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