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Here is the response I just received about the HURST SHORT SHIFTER option:

Just the option will be removed from the order that are already on hand (Event 3000 or greater). The good news is all these orders are isolated at this point.

Dealer and customers will have to decide how to handle the orders that have allocation this week. They will either need to remove the Hurst Shifter LPO and have the order placed, or leave the LPO on for now, and wait until the RPO is introduced.

When? That's what we are working on now. Hope to announce specific availability and RPO code in the coming weeks. If all goes well, we should have this resolved very shortly -- weeks not months.

Bottom line: The Hurst Shifter was original a dealer installed accessory, and will continue to be a dealer installed accessory -- just not one that will appear on the window label and maybe a few weeks late. The new factory installed Hurst shifter will be identical to the dealer installed part.

We are disappointed we will not have it ready for the March 16, 2009 SORP, but we want to make sure we could integrate a high demand feature without disrupting production.
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