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Originally Posted by CamaroSpike23 View Post
yeah. I'm just trying to spec you out parts, and I got off early yesterday so I didnt do much of anything.

first off skip the roller tip rockers, either go full roller or leave the stockers, save the money for the pushrods and spend it on rockers. that cam seems overpriced IMO. IIRC, you can get a custom grind for ~$350 or so. stock pushrods are capable of .650 lift, so that money could be spent elsewhere
Yeah, but doesn't the Crane 227 hold the cam only record for LT1s? That was the main reason I was looking at it. Sure, its a bit more expensive but it seems to be a proven part.

As for pushrods, I don't mind reusing the stocks I just figured since I was thinking of upping the rev-limiter to 6500 and the car has 114xxx on it, I might want to look into hardened pushrods. I think I might remove the crank from the parts list also though because upon further consideration, an aftermarket cast crank wouldn't be any better than the stock crank and I'd have to get it balanced anyway. Might as well just reuse the stocker.
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P.S. - I can get the cam here for 335, which seems to be as good a deal as any of the other cams.

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