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Originally Posted by CamaroSpike23 View Post
As for the pushrods, IIRC, 93 and 94ís came stock with hardened pushrods to begin with. And as far as hardened, the only real benefit for hardened pushrods is if you are running guideplates. Because the pushrod hardening is to keep the outside of the rod from grinding away to nothing against guideplates with NSA rockers.

you can up the rev limiter to 7k if you want. the stock bottom end of these cars is twice as strong as most people give it credit for.

Hereís what I was running in my 94Z with 12.5 cr
230 / 240 - .544/.576 - 110 LSA
with a stalled A4, full bolt-ons, handported heads/intake, and some spray
IIRC, I paid around $350 for that cam (somewhat custom grind) 4 years ago

another option

and another option is Comp Cams XE 230/236 if you can find it. I've seen some here an there used go for less than $200

also, you need to get some good springs/hardware to compliment the cam as well. I was running 918's for a while till they started having failures (not my personal ones, but Comp started farming out the manufacture of their springs and less quality came about). I switched to PAC 1518s that are good to .650 lift. the 1218s are good to about .600 lift and the 918's are about .625 lift.

I didn't see anything listed on the springs you had selected on what their max lift was.

also... you should do this in the 4th gen section. lol

and find some heads or have yours ported to maximize the cam.
I don't want anything too large cam-wise. I'll look into that LPE cam. As for the springs, I found them in this thread:

Not sure on their max lift. I'll look that up also.
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