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Originally Posted by DarkneSS View Post

That youtube channel you sent me, that 6MT 02 Max that your friends ran and lost to, I know everything about that car. I even test drove it with my friend, the former owner. I did a lot of the work too. When it just had bolt ons and a drop, we ran a 07 maybe SI? It was only a couple car lengths slower and the max was running at least mid 13s.
That SI had deep engine work, cams, port work, everything, probably a mid to high 13 second car. So they can be quick, but not without heavy engine work.
Short ram intake.

You talking about Yonkers Racing RSX Type S ? He has weight reduction(backseats, spare tire/jack, CF hood, lightweight battery) and full bolt ons with an aggressive custom tune and driver mod.

My 2 friends in full bolt on flashpro Civic Si Mugens were running 15's at the track. Albeit DA was bad that day, I trapped 98-99 that day. When DA was below 1000 the following week I trapped 101-102.

FF to 5:29

I'm at 3:55

Not saying RSX Type S and Civic Si's of YR's speed don't exist, they are very very rare.
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