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Originally Posted by DGthe3 View Post
Into ricerboy mode now

whoa man, that car is sic. you gots some madd skillz bro. shuda made the scoops bigger tho. other en that, only way to make it better is to drop a rota in there with a turbo and some nowz, slam it down on the ground, add some neons . . .

Ugh, feel so dirty even typing that . I've been inhaling paint fumes for the last couple days, must be why I did it, sorry about that stuff.

That was good!

Oh, and I love the Wingo+ Camaro=ricer. That gave me a laugh too. Can someone (Dragon) please do a Wingo chop of the Camaro? Not only would it be hilarious to see, but my boy would get a kick out of it too...seeing as though SSFreak11 did the Lightning McQueen chop and all...I'd love to get a collection!
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