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Do I need the Pedders Alignment bolt kit to achieve the aggressive street alignment specifications?

My current alignment specs are:

Front Caster 6.1/5.5
Front Camber -0.9/-1.1
Front Toe 0.09/0.08
Rear Camber -0.4/-0.05
Rear toe 0.09/0.08

I already have Pedders street 1 bushings, 1le sway bars and chromoly trailing arm with poly bushings. Would I benefit much from camber plates to get to -2.5 front camber at autocrosses or the road course with Michelin PSS 275/35 20 street tires on all four corners? Or would you recommend coil overs or perhaps a rear sway bar as my next suspension upgrade? The car has slight under steer right now when pushed hard into the corner and slight over steer coming out of the corner hard on the throttle.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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