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I have a 1LE that gets driven on the hwy ALOT. I had the dlr check the alignment and reset it at 1500km and then I noticed the inside of both right tires were missing at 15000km! The dlr took the car back, has replaced the right side tires and is redoing the alignment again.

I don't want to lower the car but want to improve the handling of it. My concern right now is before I change anything under it I need to know this alignment works. Is there a better alignment spec for a 1LE than what GM suggests?

Im thinking that because of the softer tires, the "perfect" alignment is more crucial.
Do I stick with what the dlr does or should I suggest a little refinement and if so what should it be.

After we get it right, then I want to make it stick to the road better. I see the bigger rear sway is suggested but most references I read are about lowering the car.
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