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Originally Posted by CamaroSpike23 View Post
despite the fact that I managed to hijack my own thread....

I hate you right cus your car is farther along than

but instead of an LS1, look for a vortec engine from a silverado, sierra, colorado, yukon, suburban, tahoe, trailblazer, etc.

my... long term plan includes a diesel swap for the truck and taking the 6.0L and dropping it in christine... with a turbo.

go look in my threads for the 9 second junkyard racer.
Haha but mine is 94% disassembled..... This is the way i bought it 2 months ago. Yeah.... sorry about the hijack........ Threads never go as they're planned...

I looked into the 6.0's, but by the time you convert the intake, oil pan, and get a t56, you're at or over a nice 70k mile LS1 t56 combo...
You can get an ls1 T56 all accessories for about 3-4k.

I'll go search for your thread.
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