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Hey Michael,

You might want to call and at least talk the ART, (American Racing Technology) in Buda Texas, just south of Austin... For a distance relationship, it's about three miles from Cabelas... They have been dealing with LSxxxx motors in Vettes and are including Camaros in their work scope... They have posted some incredible numbers... They have a GT in the reception area of the shop thats putting out somewhere around 1300+ Hp, and it went 230+ at the Texas Mile... The salesmanager I worked with for my Camaro gave me his card when I bought the car... It's worth a call... They do engines exhaust, tuning etc...There is a web site for contact info... Can't hurt to call... It's probably where I'm going to have a SC put on my car in about a year... since they are ten minutes from my house and come very highly recommended...
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