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Originally Posted by blckWS6TA View Post
to tell my dealer I wont accept delivery if the following items happen...

1. Front plate bracket is installed.

2. Any dealer stickers are placed on the car.

3. They even think about letting some 18 year old wash it.

4. The only person that drives it is the person that drives it off the truck.

The first two are for obvious reason. I will be pissed if I have holes drilled in it or stickers on my paint.

The second two are personal things. I used to work at a dealership, and I know a) they are terrible at detailing cars for the most part, b) idiots do stupid things to cars they don't own.
all reasonable requests, but like Spike said, #3 and #4 are more of an individual basis. i detailed for my local GM dealer when i was 18. i always had compliments on my work and the owner had me handle the work on his 03 Thunderbird, 50th Anniv Corvette, and 04 SSR. he even had me go to the auctions with the old guys to pick up cars (about 80 mi each way) & do a couple dealer trades. another guy i worked with was about 25 & he 'had a little fun' with an 02 Lightning that got traded in as well as wrecked a car on the way back from a courtesy customer drop-off. all that was to say that it all depends on how responsible the people handling your car are, not their age.
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