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Originally Posted by Dalefj View Post
As we all now know the new ZL1 will feature the LSA instead of the LS9
So my question is, why?!?

From what I have read both engines are essentially an LS3 with a supercharger, the only difference being the size of the supercharger.

Does the supercharger size account for all of the added horses? or is there something else that I dont know of. Also why not use the LS9, it seems to cost the same but has much more power.

GM provides all information about their engines (well, besides price) on their powertrain website

The LS9 is significantly more expensive than the LSA. Oldfriend mentioned the Jegs price, which sounds higher than what I remember, but they probably include the controller (which GM doesn't). Anyway, I recall that the LSA costs around $14,000 (similar to the LS7) while the LS9 came in at $20,000. Sure, it doesn't cost GM nearly that much to build each engine but they've decided that is their perceived value and you can be garuenteed that an LS9 Camaro would be sold for at least $6000 more than an LSA powered one.

Also, the power difference between those two engines in a Camaro is possibly less than what it appears. The CTS has somewhat more restrictive 'plumbing' than the Camaro, as seen by the V6 making 304 hp in the CTS vs 312 hp in the Camaro. But the Camaro is a tad more restrictive than the Corvette, with the LS3 rated at 426 in the Camaro vs 430 in the 'Vette. I know it doesn't exactly work like this but .... take that percentage difference and apply it to 556 hp & 638 hp engines rather than 304 and 430 hp ones. You'd expect them to make about 570 hp & 632 hp when each is transplanted into the Camaro. Suddenly, the gap has dropped from 82 hp to 62 hp.

Lastly, another supercharged Camaro badged as a Z28 is, in my opinion, a pipe dream. With the ZL1 they'll have their beastly GT500 competitor. No need for another car to do the exact same thing, just a little better. Besides, the Z28 was never about straight line speed anyway. If anything, it was about being agile. And forced induction is not conducive to agility. It also leads to heatsoak if you plan on running multiple hotlaps. Thats why I strongly believe the Z28 will feature a naturally aspirated V8, probably an up-tuned LS3 (or its gen V replacement), a track tuned suspension (maybe derived from the ZL1's suspension), grippier tires, bigger brakes, and possibly some weight cut out of it (though this may be very difficult for GM to pull off in a cost-effective manner). In effect, it would be the Camaro equivalent to a Corvette Z06 Carbon or Grand Sport.
Note, if I've gotten any facts wrong in the above, just ignore any points I made with them
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