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Originally Posted by Nathan Moreno View Post
Please....... no more ideas!!!! LOL. actually, while i was in there, I can't say i wasn't looking at how hard it would be to tub it. from what i saw, it does seem like it would be a pretty long project.

C5FEST 2014, yes.

Another reason is the weather! Beautiful here in Southern California.

Hmmmmmmmmm LOL

RJ, 5 minutes is all it takes, just ask synner, he'll back me up.

Justin and I are working on it every day, so unless some unforeseen........never mind. we'll see you at SEMA.

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I took a trip to the Industrial Metal Supply today -- COOL store!

Attachment 510338

The sheets will be used to create the new trunk floor. Also where we will bead roll the G5.R logo. I got 2 just in case we mess up on the first.

Attachment 510337

We are going to be recreating the front and rear bumper for weight savings. the rear bumper is 26 lbs. If my calculations are correct, the new rear bumper will be around 7 lbs. the front bumper is 14 lbs, and the new one should be around 6 lbs. 27 lbs of weight savings


Attachment 510339

The Optic Armor glass came in today

My scale isn't the most precise (it is a normal home scale) but when i compared the OE glass with the optic armor, the optic armor was a little more than 50% lighter. the front OE is 27 lbs, the optic armor is 13 lbs. i used that to calculate what the OE back glass would weigh and according to my math, the back OE glass is 19 lbs, and the optic armor at the same thickness is 9 lbs.

so if you stay with 3/16" glass, you will lose about 24 lbs with front and rear glass.
Hmm... Nathan you need to invest in a decent postal scale. The one I got was at Harbor Freight and it's $40 which, considering what you're doing, would be a worthwhile purchase.

Jim from Optic Armor emailed me and said the 3/16 front glass and 1/8 rear glass together saves 40 lbs over stock. Taking 1/16 off the rear window can't possibly remove 16 lbs so I'm thinking your scale isn't giving accurate info.

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