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I saw them race tonight, DA was crap though.

My friend's bolt on V6 Mustang did 13.2 @ 113 mph, he couldn't get any grip for crap.

I rode with my friend in his 1990 Honda Civic Sedan with H22 swap, we did a few runs. Lost to supercharged tundra that did 13.4 @ 103 mph and beat a G8 GT that did 14.4 @ 99 mph(that's what they run at our track), the best time in the Civic was 14.0 @ 100 mph. (With nitrous he ran 12.2 @ 110 mph, his best pass on motor is 13.7 @ 103 mph; on separate day).

Funniest thing I have ever seen in my life was the look of the g8 gt guy ahahahahahh, stuck up v8 owner would not even acknowledge us or look at us when I tried to talk to him.

There was a 2008 G35 sedan auto with tune, cai, and catback ran 14.0 @ 100 mph.... Seemed slow. I ran 13.6 @ 103 in better DA and 13.8 @ 101 in basically the same DA. Could be the fact that he wasn't a Sport model with VLSD, wider summer rear tires, stiffer suspension? Eh idk.

There was also bolt on is350 that puts a car length on my g35 that ran 14.3 @ 98 mph! Makes no sense to me at all.

Modified tuned version of my car and a car that I lost to both run half a second slower then I did in similar DA.
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