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Originally Posted by KLow7777 View Post
Hey all,

It rained a little yesterday and I came out to a car in the sun with water drops still on it so I took a microfiber cloth to it. It was after I dried the car that it hit me. Should I not have done that? My main concern is that I was rubbing dirt along the clear coat and making some small scratches, since I didn't wash the car and just dried the car. I don't see any damage but maybe I got away lucky. I would appreciate some advice
Wrong. Shouldn't have done that. Your working too much, let your wax work for you. I hate when it rains, car seems to almost always get water-spots and hold more dirt,.....but oh wait, then I waxed my car. When you wax your car, this is what protects you from the many elements, like rain. I waxed my car the night before it rained and then coated it again with a water-beading detail spray, when it rained the next day, I found water beaded up on the surface of my car; moral of the story, the rain didn't stick to the car; when I moved my car, it slide right off, completely. Thats what you want. No need to dry the car if when you drive it, it dries itself. Just because it rains, doesn't automatically equal wash the car. If you have a great wax, nothing with penetrate that wax over your clear-coat. It's protection, that's what it's for.

But after the rain, I wanted to hit it with some Adams detail spray to give it more of a cleaner shine, but water was still on the car, so I simply said forget it I'll do it later, I then took the car for a short drive and to my surprise, all of the water slid right off the surface of my car, leaving my car dry as the Sierra desert. Didn't need to dry it, all the water was then gone, so I just hit it with the Adams detail spray(which actually deludes water if at all present). To get results like that, you need a good wax. I suggest Adams Machine Superwax, which is a polymer sealant or Mcguires NXT tech 2.0. They both work amazing. If your car's surface is smooth as glass, which it should be if you clayed it right, and you have a good wax product to which you applied after claying, when you drive you car after it rains, the water will remove itself from your cars surface until it's completely dry. When your cars exterior is coated with a good wax, you don't have to worry about drying it, or washing the car after a hard rain, unless you have heavy dirt stuck to the car that wind alone won't remove. My car and windows are always coated with a water-beading product in addition to the wax, to my sure water doesn't stick to my car. Once the water is removed from your car from driving, I swear it will look like it didn't even rain on it. And that's when you know you have a good wax.

What I've found was, before coating my car with wax, when it rained, water stuck to my car's surface and once the rain stopped, the water dried up on the surface and became water-spots, leaving a rough surface, and with dirt from driving around mixed with water on the car, it dried up to become "film" on the surface of the car. When you have film on your car, it MUST be washed. No detail spray, a wash, period. When you car is coated with film, any attempt to remove the film with a detail-spray alone will inadvertently result in you adding micro-scratching to the surface of your car, because that's not enough to clean the surface of the car, it needs to be washed. Now, all that was before I properly clayed the car and waxed it. Now, I don't get a think film or rough surface after rain. After it rains my car still looks like I just pulled it from the garage. That's because the surface of my car is like glass and the entire vehicle is coated with wax which protects the clear coat from all of the element and also makes the surface of the car most resistant to holding dirt. I use to fret when it rained, now, I don't care because I know once the rain stops, all I have to do is drive my car and it will dry itself, and then come back with some detail spray, and BOOM the car looks showroom floor finish, again. Buy you some wax. I recommended two different products, they both work amazingly. Adams Machine Superwax/Americana, or McGuire's Next Tech 2.0 wax. Choose either one, they're both equally amazing to me, and most of all THEY WORK, so you don't have to.

Take care buddy...
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