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Originally Posted by kmm1412 View Post
Typical Ford biased review with typical Stang Lover/Camaro Hater comments about the Camaro and its flash in the pan design (read jealousy) and how it's such a heavy car. Now the added excuse about the tires being the difference. Well, I say look at the results around the track between the 2 cars and which one comes out on top? Which one admittedly in the review handles the corners so much better? The Camaro, of course, and then the reviewer says he would pick the Mustang because he thinks it looks nicer? Why even bother going through the motions with both cars on the track if you are going to give the edge to a car because of its looks, in your opinion? Ford engineers have been bested by Al Oppenheiser and his team! Ford could have designed their car with better brakes and tires but chose not to! This appears to be a paid review to bail Ford's engineers out!

Some auto mags (and reviewers) are still are in denial that the 5th Gen Camaro is one hell of a car, and can't get past their Ford bias.


Typical Camaro Fanboy response? The Boss set the bar, and the 1LE answered it. But having driven both at speed on a track (Finally) I remain happy with the Boss I bought. The 1LE does appeal to me more than the ZL1 but it is too heavy and not as much fun in spite of the better numbers. And frankly having come to the Boss from a Bimmer the Ford rewards driver skill rather than mask a lack of it. All three cars, along with the upcoming, long awaited Z/28 are all great cars with different personalities. If I was rich, I'd have 'em all. But any of us should be happy with the car we got. Unless of course you got a ZL1 or 1LE instead of the Z/28 you were really waiting for. Then I'd be cheesed off.

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