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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
I...for speechless besides this very simple thought.

You, Scott...You and the Camaro team (including our VIP attendees, Cheryl, John, Al, John, Adam, Jeremy, and Tom) are the foundation of everything that took place this weekend. And I am sincerely humbled and proud that you all enjoyed yourselves.

Like Chris said Scott, without you folks there would be no Camaro, and without Camaro there would be no Camaro5Fest and none of these memories (including those of the kids on the sidewalk) could have been made and kept.

This event may have seemed 'effortless' on the part of the organizers (I believe those were your words), but it could have been an absolute nightmare had it not been the ultimate in cooperation between all players involved combined with the brilliant leadership of Chris Valdez. The staff at the track was brilliant, the Vendors were fantastic, and the members were SO great and well-behaved (even at 3am in the parking lot of the host hotel) that I couldn't help but be stunned when I realized that 314 cars drove end to end for 32 miles at up to speeds of 85mph in an area almost none of them have ever been to before...and NOT A SCRATCH.

THANK YOU ALL for attending our 'little' event, and thank you for keeping the faith within the 'beast' so our Car could be brought back.

EDIT: Guess I'm not so speechless...
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