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As I read the OP, I day dreamed back to a time almost 9 months 21 days and 4 hours, but whose counting, when mine arrived at the delaership. It was at the front of the dealer shipped, shined up in between 2 Vettes. As I the dealer saw me drive up he came outside with the key, unlocked the doors and the lights blinked, I swear this machine (Dr Jkel) said Hello when the lights blinked on. I remember opening the door at getting to actually sit in it and then started the engine, 3 miles on it, Sounded Awesome and the raw power was evident. Dealer said to take it for a spin, I actually sat there over 30 minutes just soaking it all in, I sat there so long that the Owner came out and asked if something was wrong. No EVERYTHING was juuuuuuuust Right, I told him.

To own this wonderful "Car" had always been a dream. And this defining moment for me was knowing that until I take my last breath this would be mine.

Scott you and the Camaro team have made a defining moment for a lot of people and Thanks just doesn't seem to be enough. Thanks for such a wonderful " Car" , but we all know it is more than that.
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