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I really wanted an ss. I had my heart set on getting one as my next car. I was out of work for 11 months. My 05 5.7L grand Cherokee was killing me on gas even tho the car was paid off. I wanted to trade it in while it still had some value left to it. They wanted over 500 a month for a 2SS with the 45th package. I couldn't swing it. I settled on the 6 45th. And I am happy I did. While I wish I had the bigger engine, my payment is less than 300 a month, I owe about 12k on it currently and being my first sports car, I would have been arrested or worse if I had more power. Don't get me wrong. If I some how have a giant pile of money fall into my lap, I will buy a ZL1. But for now, I love my 5th gen. I spend so much time doing things to it. I use to sit I the couch and play video games or watch TV. Now I'm always out in the garage, and I find cleaning it sort of like therapy.

If you have you eye on a 4th gen, I say think about what you may be giving up. If you think the value if the 5th gens are low, you could always buy another used one off the lot if you miss it. They sure are a dime a dozen.

You know Chevy makes money with them when they don't have to advertise it.
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