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Originally Posted by ZR1/2SS View Post
I understand where you're coming from. Back in 2009 (recession kick my ass) I sold my $500 a month fully loaded 08 SRT8 Charger and never look back. I love that car but my wallet didn't. Depreciation value on Detroit performance cars are steep. If you did the math I'm sure you know that in 4 years you'd have paid way over the retail price of that 5th gen Camaro that's only worth half it's value.

I've learned that in todays world that buying a brand new car is truly a waste of money! Preowned is the way to go. Oh btw this is what replaced the Charger with no car payment!!!

Uploaded with

I can mod the hell out of it every month with the savings!
That is one good looking ride you have there.
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