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V6 Auto Trans Only Rated for 315HP?

I posted this in the transmission section a couple of months ago, but got no replies so I'm reposting it here.

So I was looking at the GM Powertrain web site, and looked at the A6 used in the V6 Camaro (select "transmissions," then select the 6-speed auto with code "MYB"), and under the listed specs, it says, "Maximum engine power: 315 bhp (235 kw)."

How can that be, when the '12 and up models make 323 hp? Is anyone beefing up their tranny when molding for increased HP, since apparently the stock LFX output already exceeds the tranny rating? Just adding bolt ons is going to bump it even further over the top, and then there's the FI guys.

Can this be right?
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