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Originally Posted by KaBoom1701 View Post
Well I can tell you that's not normal.....

Sure sounds like something is lose...

Almost like a heat shield or exhaust part.
Agreed. I once had a similar wicked rattle under my car only when in Drive stopped, or when slowly accelerating. I slid under the car with a rubber mallet and lightly tapped on the pipes until I finally found out that one of my axle-back exhaust bolts had come loose. Crazy to think something near the back could resinate all the way towards the front, but that's the exhaust system for you. Even if you don't have an aftermarket exhaust like mine there's still a chance it could be a heat shield or just a loose clamp/bolt/etc. as Kaboom1701 stated... It's worth it to get under there and take a look before you bite the bullet and finally decide to take it in.
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