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Originally Posted by skibik View Post
Either the cats are bad again and they should replace both not just one side as it maybe the other side. Not sure exactly what is inside the resonators but could be a baffle come loose if there is one in there. Sound transmits through the car and it may also be a loose baffle from inside the muffler. Sounds like a trip back to the dealer to me.

I've had a cat converter replaced twice, first the driver's side, then the passenger a few months later rattled. It's quite a problematic part on this car, well at least on mine it appears to be. I don't believe they're exactly built to last what with the constant amount of heat applied, so it eventually weakens, but mine hasn't given me an issue since replacement. There is also the long shot that something wasn't tightened enough after it was removed and replaced and now it's rattling. Seems like detective work is order, as Skibik said the sound will transmit throughout so check the entire system, heat shields included if you're able to and keep us posted if you can.
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