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Terrible Camaro wreck :(

This is just awful. I am sick to my stomach. The worst thing of all is that no one was wearing a seatbelt & small children were not in a car seats. Who this day and age transports small children with no carseat? Please tell me how you are responsible for transporting a team of young basketball players & do not make them buckle up? What is wrong with people? It does not sound like the Camaro driver was at fault from initial reports but the driver also was not wearing a seatbelt. So far no reports of any deaths which is a miracle & a blessing. I went through our club member list and based on the pics eleminated it as being any of our mambers who has pics posted. I sure hope it was not one of our club members or a C5 comrad but hate it for everyone involved regardless. I hope everyone fully recovers and that some lessons were learned.

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