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Originally Posted by BreakingBad View Post
someone educate me...I've exclusively driven in "D", with my 2LT automatic. I've never owned a manual car, let alone driven one. That being said, I've also never used paddle shifters.

I see many talking about using "S" mode in the city, while on the highway use "D"...few questions (i'm a dummy, cars aren't really my hobby moreover just a nice car that i happen to like)

1.) Manual. If I were to switch into Manual mode in my Automatic, how I drive the damn thing? LOL again I've never driven a manual or know how to, so if I ever feel adventurous I'd like to know exactly how to shift, when to shift, which paddles to use and when, etc.
Assuming the LT auto tranny works the same way as the SS auto tranny - and I believe it does:

Simply shifting into "M" (Manual Mode) puts your tranny in Sport Mode (see #2). Your tranny will not actually go into Manual shift mode unless you use your tap shifters (either + [right side] or - [left side]). If you do this, you can upshift (+) or downshift (-) through the gears by tapping the shifters. When you are using the tap shifters, there will be a "M" to the left of the odometer. This allows you to control the shift points and you can go to higher RPMs in each gear without going really fast. Try it - you really should know your car's capabilities, even if you never use them again. And don't worry... the computer won't allow you to tear up your tranny.

2.) Sport mode. What exactly is this? What's the difference between sport mode and normal 'drive' mode? I do a lot of city driving, is it better to be in S mode? Do I have to shift in this mode, or is it essentially still an automatic in this mode?
Instead of shifting into D, shift into M. You will see a "S" to the left of your odometer. This stands for "Sport Mode". The only difference between that and regular Drive mode is that the automatic shift points are different. In sport mode, you will feel the tranny staying in each gear a little longer. It is still fully automatic, it just feels more, well... "sporty". Try it. It feels good.

3.) Traction control - when is it beneficial to use this and to not use it? I do not race, probably never will. Although, there are times I do want to pass some people on the highway - is it beneficial to turn this off to gain speed or something?
You should have TC on all the time. It is a safety feature that engages if your car starts to slip or slide. There is no speed (or any other) advantage as far as highway driving. If you want to burn up some rubber, you should disengage TC. Other than that - it's best to just leave it alone.

yes, i'm a noob. shame me all you want
We've all been there. That's part of what this forum is for. Seriously though, ask questions, read your manual, get to know your car.
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