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I've experienced this a great deal as well. I have taken a very light hearted approach to all the wack-jobs that feel threatened and must flex there muscles on public roads. I try to get out of their way by any means necessary. If persistance follows then I actually go to a level that requires decreasing speed or even pulling over for a cup of coffee and a Twinkie.

I learned this the hard way about 10 years ago as a kid in high school... A 4th gen SS camaro with mirror black tint was egging me on to race at a stop light in my home town. Guy was revving his engine and I dropped the clutch in my Prelude only to find out a minute later that the guy was an undercover Sherriff and I got a 6 pt ticket and court costs, fees, troubles et al.

My 2SS is a very fast and fun car. I drive it with the level of respect it deserves. Slow and SAFE!

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