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Originally Posted by full of days View Post
I learned this the hard way about 10 years ago as a kid in high school... A 4th gen SS camaro with mirror black tint was egging me on to race at a stop light in my home town. Guy was revving his engine and I dropped the clutch in my Prelude only to find out a minute later that the guy was an undercover Sherriff and I got a 6 pt ticket and court costs, fees, troubles et al.
This seems like entrapment to me. Obviously, what you did was illegal, but that seems like a pretty good way for a police officer to get a reprimand from his superiors. That sucks regardless.

To the OP, I've had plenty of morons try to race me on the freeways around town. Everyone from your typical V6 Mustang to a minivan and several dodge trucks. It gets old and annoying real quick. Usually I use the traffic around me to my advantage to get them stuck back behind me

Or if it gets too hairy with some of these tools, just pull off onto a sidestreet and take a scenic detour.
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