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Originally Posted by LittleB View Post
Hello everybody, this is my first post here. Glad I found this great forum. I got my car used 1 month and half ago. It's a 2012 auto transmission 2LT. 3 days ago, my car started to make this noise that sounds like a car riding over bumps. I can feel that it comes from the driver side. And also, the engine makes a louder noise than usual as well. I checked my tires and they seem to be fine so i wonder if there is something wrong with the engine. Has anybody had that happened before or maybe give a guess on what's going on here? Thank you very much for all your help in advance.
Greetings LittleB,

Welcome to Camaro5 and to the world of Camaros! I'm sorry to hear about the noise you are experiencing. I'm sure that's a frustrating experience for you. I can schedule an official diagnosis for you at your local GM dealership. GM certified technicians may be able to pinpoint the cause for the sound. If this is an option, feel free to private message me. I look forward to assisting you.

William R.
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