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Originally Posted by thespymaster View Post
I'm confident when I write this until someone proves me wrong, but I would say 99.99% of the time, SPONSORS on this forum, who sell aftermarket products like ACS or RAZZI never have them in stock, that they are INDEED DROPSHIPPED to THEM or thier customers direct!

Why? Cause the SHIPPING & HANDLING charges are through the roof on sending bumpers, GFX kits, hoods..

For Example, if you the CONSUMER wanted a RAZZI GFX KIT from CAR ID..... CAR ID is not shipping from thier warehouse, they are having it drop shipped from RAZZI to you.........

I would say more than HALF the dealers of any type of product here on Camaro5 never have PHYSICAL INVENTORY, that they also drop ship thier products....

In regards to this ACS bumper situation with GARY CUSTOMS, if he was told shipped or shipping soon by someone at ACS and relays that to CUSTOMER, how is he in the wrong? Especially when I was told 1st hand at SEMA by the owner of ACS that they had the products ready to ship.........
You are correct!
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