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Originally Posted by ACS Composite View Post
To answer a few questions;

I agree with most of you where the parties involved need to resolve the matter, it seems there is a break in communication between both seller and buyer. The internet is a great resource for all of us; there are situations where a telephone call can do wonders. I have spoken with both parties and have faith the matter will be resolved.

As for the story of the T2 Splitter, as many have contacted us directly, we have not shared a set ship date; when items are in stock they will be announced and shipped following our pre-order list. This being said, yes, the T2 splitter will be in production as the interest level is very high. (Thank you for the exposure!) We do have a pre-order list with no deposits. The T2 splitter was shown last summer as a prototype piece. Same way auto manufacturer show prototypes to do market studies, we did the same. We have not accepted any paid orders; simply a potential buyer list is on hand. If you note the T2 ports are listed on our site, but no where you'll find an order box for the T2 splitter.

To clarify, T3 Ports, T3 Splitter and the family of T3 Bumper assemblies have been shipping since last summer.

We have been shipping T2 Ports and T2 Bumpers with no splitters.

Only T2 prototype splitters have been shown, many local forum members can attest their existence.... Everyone loves it and suggest not changing a thing!

Once we decided to launch the production version of the T2 Splitter we quickly encountered a few functionality challenges. Mostly mounting the splitter to the V6 Bumper. As most of you would agree changing the look of the splitter is not an option. This means adding various internal mounting brackets and hardware... consequently back to drawing board, new prototype, more testing and most importantly new tooling (twice). Our tools are pretty extensive; this step alone takes weeks if not months.

The prototype splitter was glued on and built in record times. It looked great and worked great, but it was simply glued on. We design our parts following OE specs, I generally refuse to glue on splitters or using 2 way tape on lower body parts.... Need to discuss what happened with the 1st iteration of the GFX splitters? Yes it can work and it is the quick and easy solution; personally I think itís not worth selling if the customers will have issues down the line. A splitter is an extension of your bumper, bumpers are an important element in an accident, sensors are involved, and durability and failure sequences are very important. I do apologize on the delay but proudly refuse to release a product prematurely to meet a demand. I speak for ACS and our distributors, we are here for the long haul and greatly value your business, we all have high expectations when we purchase parts for our Camaros, my job is make sure those expectations are met. Selling a lower quality part would not be good for us, our distributors and most importantly the Camaro owners supporting us.

Hi Spymaster, yes you did ask me if the item was in stock. We met while I was in line for the new Sema Product Display, I was holding a black T3 Bumper assembly, and yes I did say "in stock ready to ship" (referring to the part I was holding). Which is true, we have currently have 20 units on hand....

I hope all this helps you further understand the job we have on hand developing parts for our Camaro's. If you go through our site you'll be able to witness our development and tooling process. It is very extensive; unfortunately it is not as quick as we'd hope. The important point is the quality of the part and output once parts are set in production. We have built over 70 000 parts for the auto industry, we know, doing the homework upfront avoids allot of issues down the line.
Thanks for chiming in ACS. We all hope that they will get this resolved

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