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Talking Sky Is The Limit - My 2011 2LT/RS

Attention: All rights reserved. Any and all photos/videos found within this thread may not be copied, edited, reproduced, linked, or displayed in any form or by any means; electronic, mechanical, optical, or otherwise, without prior written permission from myself. If you wish to use any of the photos/videos found within this thread please contact me.

So I'll start off with some brief history then jump into the beginning. I actually always wanted a mustang however after growing up and actually witnessing the release of the 5th gen Camaro I fell in love plain and simple.

After joining the Marine Corps I saved for 3 years(life happens) to afford my baby. A 2011 2LT/RS IBM.(December 31st 2012, and I made it back home in time for fireworks with the family ). I held off for 8 months before buying my first mod and the upgrade begins!

This is my first car, my first love and the only thing in my life right now I can trust whole heartedly. Every piece that has been installed on my car I did myself and one of my goals as a man was to learn about cars and let me be the first to say. Thank you to everyone on this forum and those who have attributed I have learned so much and have done so much and thoroughly enjoyed all of it! The best part is that I still have a lot more to go!

2013-08-12:CAI cold air intake purchased.
2013-09-06:CAI installed.

2013-08-20:GM Ground effects kit purchased.
2013-09-07:Side Skirts installed.
2013-09-16:Rear diffuser installed.

2013-09-01:ZL1 Front Bumper Conversion kit purchased.
2013-09-21:ZL1 Front Bumper Conversion installed with lighting.
2013-09-21:ZL1 fog lights HID
2013-09-19:Front bow tie delete.

2013-09-09:VIS AMS Hood purchased!
2013-09-25:VIS AMS Hood Installed!

2013-09-12:Afterburner effect DIY added.

2013-09-17:Muffler delete.

2013-09-28:High Wing Spoiler installed!

2013-09-28:In for her dipping. Her biggest part of the make over.
2013-09-28:Blacked out tail light bezels.
2013-09-28:Rims dipped.
2013-09-29:Side markers dipped body color.

Catch Can
Dyed stitching
Calipers powder coated Bentley Blue
Engine cover painted
Ark N-II Catback Exhaust
Interior Details/Coloring
Neoprene Seat Covers
Long Tube Headers

(Blue Skies)

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When I finally got a second to stop driving her and take some pictures.(2013-01-29)
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My first mod after doing a lot of research was the CAI, cold air intake. I figured some HP gain plus more mpg equals more money saved to spend on mods and it added an extra sweet sound to my engine!(2013-09-06)
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My second mod was replacing my stock 2LT side skirts with the GM GFX skirts. Loved the stance and I thought it made my car look more of how it should have been from the start.(2013-09-07)
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(Yes that was my beautiful mother admiring my work in the background haha.)

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After a few days of not adding anything I started to look around for things I could try to do and ended up finding the DIY afterburners thread. Needless to say I was scared out of my mind to cut open my baby's parts but after trusting myself and the forum members I jumped in and it added a huge difference to my car and saved me about 370$ on an aftermarket part. Thanks again Sabot!
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My GM GFX Diffuser came in the same day with my new front bumper and I was super stoked to get it installed. However it didn't come with instructions of any kind or any pre-drilled holes or guides of any kind. So I did have a body shop friend help me out but we got it done in about an hour and a half from removal of the old to install of the new. Definitely completed the GFX look and personally I believe all stock Camaros should have came like this.(2013-09-16)
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(I don't have a picture of it, but I got the itch after installing my diffuser and wanted to do something else in the meantime so I decided to get my stock mufflers removed. Cost me 70 bucks for both and had straight pipe installed. I would have done it myself....but I don't have a lift or a blowtorch. I would also post a video but they don't do it justice, my car went from..."Hmm well yeah it sounds nice." to "Jeezus man is that thing going to eat me?" That's literally what one of my friends said haha.)

Now you can't see it in this picture but it took me 3 days and from 6-11 hours a day doing research and watching various videos having nothing to do with Camaros to figure out how to correctly do my wiring for my ZL1 Front bumper. The front bumper is aggressive as hell and also adds to the stance with the GFX. I had to have it over my 2LT bumper. The reason for not painting it was that I had future plans...(2013-09-21)
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The hood change out was by far THE EASIEST mod I have done so far. I did have 2 other people assist me in holding it and everything but seriously, remove a couple of nuts and you're set. The VIS AMS hood was just the right amount of personalization I wanted to top off my baby. Just the right amount of badassness if I do say so myself.(2013-09-25)
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I loved the sporty look of the High wing spoiler for the Camaro. I don't care if some people consider it ricey or whatever. This is my car and I wanted it but just wasn't really willing to drop 400+ dollars for it. Luckily while browsing Ebay one day I found a dealership selling them for 100$. I was going to wait and ask if it was real but I figured hell man just buy it. Good thing I did. That was on a Sunday and the next day when I called them they told me it was an error someone thought a 4 was a 1 but they would honor the purchase price. Another score for me and besides drilling new holes in my baby the installation was a snap and the harness provided also made the wiring easy. Thanks GM!(2013-09-28)
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(Yes it was also unpainted. Shhhh! I told you had plans!)

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