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Originally Posted by PMJ View Post
I had my slicks and skinnies mounted on my new bogarts today! Unfortunately discovered one of the rear bogarts were damaged in shipping (dent on the front rim). Talked to Rich and he is going to get it fixed, but if they can't fix the rim, I'll have to wait 2 more months before they get another rim built.

On a brighter note, I have a tuning apt w/Patrick G tomorrow evening. Road trip to Victoria! I'm excited about that. Expecting to fix my lean tip in and some of my idle issues. Hope the water pump stays together.

Also, Blake (Whipped416) talked me into a smaller pulley, so I installed a 2.875" it! Seeing 17# of boost now. Can't wait to see numbers tomorrow!
Just so you know you can straighten the Bogarts yourself. You don't need to send it back to Rich. I've seen Ups deliver square wheels to Ted that they just straighten out and use.
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