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Originally Posted by TJ91 View Post
Honestly this is the shit that pisses me off. Theres soo many known cases on Camaro5 alone about this issue. Pathetic
Hope you get this resolved man, if not try to contact some automotive blogs and people to bring the issue up.
Theres a reason why GM suddenly switched to the LFX
If I didnt love the camaro soo much, I wouldve sold it. Most unreliable car I have ever owned. More brittle than the 30 year old cars that drive next to it.
This will be my last GM car. I have said it time and time before, and continued to buy thinking it would be different this time, totally wrong. And the worst part is majority of the people I speak to who have owned many cars agree. You get the odd few strong GM cars, the rest have problems, and some re down right lemons.
I'm there with you... I've bought plenty of GM vehicles over the years, but I seriously doubt I will purchase another GM product... And while my Camaro didn't have any engine problems, i did have an Acadia with an LLT motor that lost 2 sets of timing chains in 82,000 miles... and yes, GM covered them but regardless it's still a hassle and eventually i would run out of warranty....

And after seeing all the blown engine threads and now this one where GM is denying the claim... Sorry, GM, don't think you'll be getting any more of my money... which is sad, because I do like a number of your vehicles...
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