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Originally Posted by PQ View Post
I don't have a welder?

Or the ability to weld for that matter.
Who said anything about welding? you have exhaust clamps do you not? the way I'm describing would be completely clamped on for easy removability on your part if need be. if you wanted to get it welded up later down the road... go for it.

Man, I'm telling you...just swing by the house this weekend.

Originally Posted by PQ View Post
Right. It came off your car. Borla headers go all the way back where cat's would be. So Borla headers collectors go back much further than other headers. Because I know that system was on your car, then I kow you couldn't have had Borla headers. And so I know my collectors came back much further than yours did.

Basically, Borla headers take up the space where the cats would be by sending the primaries back further. And so the collector is back about 8 inches further.
so cut off more from the headers...

You don't have a bolt up flange that you have to worry about right? so just trim till it fits. just stay away from the o2 sensor. and like I said in the other thread (I should merge these two at this point), if need be, cut another section out of the straight pipe in the driveshaft tunnel and scoot the whole system back another inch or so to give you extra room.
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But not all people were born awesome like you, Spike.
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