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Originally Posted by charlie46 View Post
2013 camaro brochoure specs for 0-60 for the 1le is listed as 4.7 sec same as 2ss ls3, and anyone with a half of a brain knows with higher rear end ratio of 3.91 , 0-60 has to be quicker than 4.7 as listed by chevy. In fact motortrend test of the 1le 0-60 time was 4.3. So just because chevy says theres no difference in hp between the duel exhaust and stock exhaust they might be wrong.
Anyone with half a brain knows that 0-60 times are meaningless. There is no standard by which those tests are run.

And again, it doesn't matter. 6hp doesn't make a lick of goddamned difference. A race between equal drivers between an NPP Vette and a non-NPP Vette will come down to conditions.
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