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I swear I have such bad luck in my life. I ordered a DRL Harness off someone and they told me it was delivered on Thursday Oct. 4th. Check my mail and nope wasn't there. Friday I look, nope nothing and the same for saturday. So I am thinking great they lost my package and I'm gonna be S.O.L. So on Monday I went to the post office to see what was going on, forgot it was a holiday . So I go today instead to see what is going on and all they tell me is well it was delivered there is nothing else we can do. So on my way back I check my mail again and it was there with a note from one of my neighbors. It was placed in the wrong mailbox . Anyways I went to install it and once I actually knew where it had to go the install was a breeze. Literally the hardest part was actually figuring out where the dang thing went haha. For anyone who intends on doing this mod be sure to check out this thread I made asking where it goes, it will def clear and confusion.

In other news still waiting on some vinyl I ordered from Revolution Motorsport, also got my hands on an LS3 mid-pipe (just got to find a shop to install it for me) and looks like I'll be getting an Rx Breather in IOM .
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