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I'm late, but here's Rosario (2014 1LE w/plenty of PICS!)

First off, I apologize for waiting so long to post and I have no idea if I'm posting in the wrong section (I'll let the mods take care of that)
Long story short, I got the car August 12th 2013 in crazy rain weather, but I finally gave her a bath and took some pics. Some pics I've posted before, but most are new. If have missed any pics or you wish for me to take more, just ask.
She is all stock for now. Im a simple guy so my mods are MOSTLY for looks to separate my 1LE from the others, but there will be plenty of mods in the near future. ENJOY!!!

First sat in at 13 miles

2014 2SS

Credit to xVengeancex28
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