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Originally Posted by ZL1NC View Post
Interesting statement in Popular Mechanics:

Favorite Detail: In muscle cars, the automatic transmission is usually an afterthought. But the ZL1's six-speed auto slushbox is joyously effective. The manual mode—engaged via steering-wheel-mounted paddles—is responsive, and the automatic car is easier to launch. GM engineers claim that the automatic transmission makes for quicker quarter-mile runs, but in our testing, the manual was the better sprinter. The difference, however, was miniscule—the auto Camaro passed the quarter-mile in 12.58 seconds, while the manual car did it in 12.57.
Not that it really matters because I think we all will enjoy our cars no matter what transmission they are equipped with but some of our members have been caught up and gloating at the GM statement..

Read more: 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Test Drive - Popular Mechanics
Thanks ZL1NC !!

Their times were kinda slow vs the first four reviews received. They did not say if they used launch control or not. Their times just seem like possibly the driver used was not familiar with the car enough to test it properly. Imagine, a whole HALF second behind the other four tests. At about 116 MPH how many car lengths would that be? 8-12? Sorry, but it just seems like something is askew.

Note this race from another thread. The Dodge is 1/2 second behind the Camaro and is about 20 cars behind. The Camaro turned an 11.9 vs 12.5 for the Dodge. Same Difference as in the best mag tests vs Popular Mechanics

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