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Originally Posted by Xiclutchz-- View Post
I know Iím late but does some one knows if I can just switch the face on my non nav mylink and just replace it with one with hard Nav button?? Or do I need radio to ? Which I have but if I bought both used will I be able to work just installing it do I still need a harness/reprogramming ?I donít want that aftermarket crap no offense but I like the car looking gm from inside
I have a 2014 Camaro that from the factory she had MyLink, rearview camera, heated seats but NO NAVIGATION. Like many I never thought I would need Navigation being I had a very nice 7" Garmin that I have used in both my 68 Charger and 96 SS. Problem was I could never find a location that was not truly distracting.

I quickly gave up on the dealership it that was far to costly, would have been cheaper to trade vehicles.

Another Forum Member led me to GEN5DIY (telephone as of May 2017 was 928-505-1383), there I dealt with "Jarod". I found Jarod to be "extremely" knowledgeable as well has very helpful. Jarod explained the entire procedure as well as directing me to a video of the install. Trust me it was easy!

From GEN5DIY I order a refurbished head unit (radio it's self) that would be programmed to my VIN number, included programing, map update, removal of motion lock as well as adding lines on the backup camera. The cost was $860.00.

You can actually use the navigation without changing the faceplate however I believe you will not have the "touch screen". From the Forum I was able to purchase just a used extremely nice face plate from another Forum member. Make sure if you go this route the face plate matches what your vehicle has for options, like heated seats!

With both parts in hand I would say the entire change over took me about one hour. Took a little longer because I kept stopping and admiring my work!

Once installed I turned the car on and there it was Navigation with touch screen, actually better than what would have come from the factory. Called XM radio to change over to the new unit, gave them the unit ID and that was done.

All together I spent about $1K, was it worth it, to me YES.

I believe there are times where service representatives make the task sound much more complicated than it actually is so they can get your business. This was not difficult by any means! I don't know my ass from a hole in the ground with it comes to electronics but I can read and follow directions.

You might want to call Jarod at GEN5DIY, I am sure he will give you some honest advise.
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