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Originally Posted by caverman View Post
First off....let me just tell you that you can pretty much guarantee that GM is not going to warranty your drivetrain if you slap a charger on it. Now, you might be able to buy some kind of a warranty from SLP if you buy their charger but don't expect that you could take it to any GM dealer to get drivetrain warranty stuff done. You might call around to some local dealers and ask them if you were to put a charger on the car would GM still warranty motor or transmission issues. My guess is they'll say no.

Maybe with supercharger you might have to add bigger injectors. I don't plan on going SC so I haven't done alot of research about them.

On a 1LE that already has gears....I would consider LT headers and a tune. I did mine with about 3,500 miles on my car. Yes, my drivetrain warranty is probably gone but (knock on wood) with 2.5 years and 12k miles I've never had to really use it. I did have a CV boot leak and the dealer thought about denying me because of my coilovers but replaced it anyway.

I haven't felt the shifter in the ZL1 or a 1LE but if they are anything like the SS I would spend the money and swap out the shifter. Personally I'm a fan of MGW. I had the Hurst for about a week and then swapped it for the MGW. To me the OEM shifter feels horrible in my hand and I missed a couple 2nd - 3rd gear shifts with it. I've never missed since I've had an aftermarket shifter.

Otherwise, unless you want big power from a Supercharger or the sound of a cam....I wouldn't change much. Maybe some cradle bushing inserts but you will already have the gears, suspension, and wheels. For the most part you should be good to go IMO.

BTW: Do research and see if you can find a really good peformance shop in your area that can dyno tune your car when the time comes. If you can't find a highly reputable shop then look at get a mail order tune from Jannetty Racing. The tune is a big thing. Since you will be basically loosing your drivetrain warranty with it, you'll want to make sure you go with someone that has plenty of exprience on the 5th Gen.
I'm gonna weigh out exactly what I want out of this car and if I want to keep the warranty or not(I've never cared about the warranty before so why change now?) HA It's a "new" vehicle trim with a ton of new mods so I'm hesitant until I see what issues the car has/doesnt have.

Originally Posted by So Cal Camaro View Post
I got an order number for the 1LE I ordered, waiting to see it is accepted now...waiting game...
Awesome. What trim/ color you get?
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