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Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
Your post has been "repaired"...


What does this THREAD have to do with this SECTION?

NO ship-jumpers here, that's for sure. A "real" Z/28 is what we seek...and what we'll find. In fact, I think you'll find there's room in THIS "boat"...

Please enjoy your ZL1.
It has to do with the Z28s...I've been waiting and waiting and cannot wait any longer for a hostile takeover in GM management to run things the way we want things to be run. As for the future of the Z28...I wish it was there but look what they did to Pontiac and the trans-am. I've owned two Z28s and prefer that model over an SS any day of the week. But I am a power freak and a getting an actual production supercharged vehicle from the factory warranty is a MAJOR plus than having an early expired warranty do to modding the heck outta of an engine. I was offended like I would hope most of you were when Jay Leno mummbled something about that V6 turbo-charged camaro at SEMA 2009 being called a 'z28'. He lost a few notches of respect from me for that comment. I have always thought of a Z28 as a V8 and hope it remains that way and that it would be a future model and not a package for the camaro. But sometimes you have to take what you can get...while refusing to buy an SS camaro...I had to replace my 94' Z28 when I spun the bearings on the engine...the way most of my cars seem to die! However, I ended up getting a great deal on a 08' Trailblazer (3)SS with less than 9k on it last November for 29k...I mean if you had the money for 390hp 400tor and 4.10 in the rear end with it being fully loaded...I think a few would pull the trigger too just to have as a replacement to wait longer on a Z28. Anyhow, my point is wether you want a supercharger or not...the ZL1 is probably the closest we are gonna get to a Z28 anytime soon other than a package option. And I am having camaro withdrawals even in my daily driver. But as I stated at least its not the SS. So I don't know why you think this isn't related to Z28s...hence, I guess I just needed to add more information. Though in a way I guess I am selling out or trading up for a ZL1 instead of waiting, wishing, and hoping for a Z28 model. But maybe when they revamp the over all 5th gen in what 2014? it will happen. But for now I'm gonna pull the trigger again and rack up some more tickets and enjoy doing it all the way down the road!

P>S> I would have loved to have the option to buy a Z28 with an LS7 no supercharger but the chances of something like this being produced by GM now a days just won't happen in this economy. My fear is the early 80s all over again...

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