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Originally Posted by My 5th View Post
What have you got against the SS? My 2010 SS is 10 times the car my '78 and '79 Z28's were. Those cars were just decals and fake scoops with no-power smog motors. Granted, they handled a little better than most cars on the road then, but nowhere near as good as my current SS.

In my mind the 69 to 70 1/2 Z28 was the King of the Hill, but starting in '72 GM didn't have a clue about making horsepower with the new smog restrictions. I think that held true through the late 90's when the Z28's were much better, but then the SS came out and surpassed the Z's power. I always thought GM betrayed the Z28 name by letting the SS have more power.

I'd buy a new Z28 in a heartbeat, but for now I'm enjoying the hell out of my SS.

Yea, I set my Z/28 game plan 3 years ago when the Gen5 prototype came out. Buy DD Gen5 for a few years and enjoy it until the Gen5 Z/28 comes out. I'll probably make that my weekend car. This is my 7th Camaro. I ordered a new '78 Z/28 (stolen) and a '80 Z/28. My 2LT will run circles around them. In fact a Gen5 2LT/M6 will run the quarter mile a second faster than '67 SS350.

It would drive me absolutely nuts if I wasn't driving some sort of Gen5 while waiting on the Z/28.
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