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Originally Posted by Oliv59 View Post
Hmm, I think you can not imagine the success encountered in France by the Camaro.
Only in my town, at least three 45th, and a lot more of "classic" Camaro are coming.
Even Chevrolet had not imagined that !

For a car like that (and her appetite for fuel), it's crazy
Wow that's crazy that you know of 2 other 45ths in your town! I know of 1 45th in Atlanta and that's it! I'm sure there's others but I don't know them yet.

Originally Posted by exflirt View Post
Nice cars, everyone - I love being a part of the 45th club! I think the interior and paint on our cars are awesome. I made a few changes to mine though, performance and exterior appearance
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this is the most bad ass 45th we have to date.

Love what you did by reversing the stripes, that's a very cool touch!

And I don't think kiteman was trying to be rude or mean. I think what he said just came out wrong.

Regardless, exflirt you have the coolest 45th in my book!!!! (second to mine of course, only because its mine and I own and drive it! )
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